Sinawik, Inc.
The Kiwanis Club of Presque Isle formed Sinawik in 1976 
as a separate for-profit entity with its own Officers and 
Directors in partnership with Northern Maine Community 
College to provide lower-cost housing to area homebuyers 
while giving NMCC trade and technical occupation students construction experience.

Unfortunately, due to a curriculum change at NMCC, they have decided to discontinue the project and the 38th home in 2015 is the last home. The Bangor Daily News story below explains the details of the project conclusion but Sinawik is looking for ways to reinvent our purpose and continue to offer funding to benefit local residents.

BDN - Sinawik program to build its 38th and final low-cost Maine home

In the past, Sinawik found a buyer through a first-come, first-served application process and provided the funds for residential construction students to purchase supplies and build the home rather than having students build projects and tearing them down afterward. We’re proud to support local business by purchasing the supplies from multiple local vendors.

The funds raised through the Sinawik project were used for scholarships to students who have worked on the Sinawik home and nominated by their instructors. Sinawik also made an annual donation to the Kiwanis Club of Presque Isle for local contributions to the community.

We’re very proud to be a part of a project that gave real-life experience to these students and we believe the partnership between Sinawik and NMCC was very valuable to the community and we are thankful it lasted for 38 years.

Sinawik is Kiwanis spelled backward.

House #34 - Couple wants to "live the good life" . . .

PI family realizes dream of home ownership . . .

House #33 - Construction underway . . .

House # 32 - Nearly completed Sinawik home in spotlight at open house . . .

Scholarship Recipients
Past Sinawik Houses . . .
2009 - Tour of House # 32 - Home Buyers are Kevin & Holly Tompkins
Sinawik Scholarship Recipients
Miscellaneous photos of Sinawik homes under construction and tours . . .

2010 - House # 33 - Home Buyers are Bob Chavez and Jenny Charette
Bob Chavez & Jenny and Natalie Charette celebrate the end of the home building process at NMCC with Guy Jackson, residential construction instructor; A.J. Cloukey, President of the Kiwanis Club of Presque Isle and Jim Nesbitt, Kiwanian and Project Manager of Sinawik.
Bob and Jenny's home was moved from NMCC on June 8th and set on their waiting foundation. This is a view from the back showing the daylight basement.
2011 - House # 34 - Home Buyers are Terrence and Carolyn Hanlon
Photo by Jen Lynds, Bangor Daily News
2012 - House # 35 - Home Buyers are Ernest & Brenda Boykin
Celebrating the nearly completed project at a luncheon held in May are from left to right:
Kathie Beaulieu, Sinawik President; LaNiece Winslow, Kiwanis President; Home buyers Brenda & Ernie Boykin; Frank Pytlak, Residential Construction Instructor; Tim Crowley, NMCC President.